Our Mission

Autism Awareness of Southeast Missouri promotes the collaborative work of community agencies and organizations in response to Autism Spectrum Disorders through education and resources for families, professionals, and the community at large.

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Top 5 Most Important Things You Should Know

#5 Living life on the spectrum is like living life unfiltered.
#4 Whatever happens first always has to happen.
#3 We can operate under the code... ‘I think therefore you should know’
#2 We are logical in an emotional world.
#1 If you have met one person with autism, you have met one person with autism.
— Aaron Likens

What We've Achieved


  • Started the grant process with our new Marketing/Grant Director, Sandra Newsome.

  • We started off our year strong with our 10 officers.

  • AASM fulfilled fund requests for horse therapy, swimming lessons and adaptive switch devices.

  • Board members were able to travel to St. Louis to see Temple Grandin in person and bring back a new world of knowledge.

  • Added a free event at Cape Splash

  • Hosted over 1,500 parents and children at our spring carnival

  • Raised $10,000 at the 3rd Annual Silent Auction - Masquerade Party


2017 was a very busy year for Autism Awareness to Southeast Missouri!  

  • We started off the year with 6 elected board officers and ended the year with 10. Wow, what a growth in one year.

  • In January we started a new annual event called meet and Mingle. It was so nice to see the community come together and join us for breakfast and talk about what we have done in the past and what we would like to see for the future for autism awareness.

  • April 2017 we started yet another annual event called Spring Carnival. With the hard work and dedication of 22 Local agencies and companies we were able to provide a completely free event to 800 members of our community. We had all kinds of carnival games, a wide variety of activities with prizes and we were even able to provide lunch at no cost to anyone.

  • In August we had our 2nd annual silent auction dance benefit that was held at the Osage Center in Cape Girardeau. With the amazing contributions we were able to raised over $22,000.

  • 2017 also was a year of decision making for Autism Awareness is Southeast Missouri. We had to put a few new bylaws into effect and adjust and tweak some of the existing ones. But it all worked out to be great! We now are able to do so much more for our community. Like scholarships for horse therapy and swimming lessons. Swimming lessons is the big one for us. For those of you who do not know the number one cause of death for our kiddos is drowning. So this is something that is very important to us and we were so excited to announce. Please make sure you check out our list of permitted items that we accept fund requests for. We are always more than happy to help those with autism get what they need in order to succeed in life.

2017 was definitely not a walk in the park but we feel like we had so much accomplished in one short year that opens the doors and brightens our feature for what is yet to come. So make sure you stay tuned to what's going on in your community!


2016 was a very big year for us!  Check out some of our accomplishments:

  • We started off the year with a new Director April Swofford, a new Assistant Director Scott Bucher, and a few new board members.

  • Our first event was on April 16th, where we were able to spread autism awareness by having an amazing guest speaker Belinda Worley.

  • We raised over $20,000 at our Silent Auction/Dance Benefit.

  • We were able to provide several kids with compression vests and communication devices.

  • We have helped families with travel expenses to training classes and even helped a therapist attend an unique course to be able to bring even more knowledge to Southeast Missouri.

  • We were able to help with several events like the Easter Seals Midwest Meet & Greet Trick-or-Treat and Cookies with Santa, the Blue Light Ball, and more!

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