Completed Fund request forms can be emailed to

T-shirt forms can be emailed to

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Below is a list of prohibited and considered uses of funds requested. If you have any questions, please email



a.       Summer Camp Scholarships

b.      Therapeutic Scholarships

c.       Swimming Lessons

d.      Specialized Equipment (Therapist Prescribed)

e.       Neurological Developmental Apps

f.       Safety Devices

g.       Dietary Needs (Medical Professional Prescribed)

h.      Gas Card for Specialized Training ($25 per 50-mile radius)

i.       Hotel Stays ($25 a night for up to 10 nights to start, then reviewed again)


a.       Agencies

b.      Medical Bills

c.       Tablets

d.      Sponsorships

e.       Household Bills

f.       Professional Expenses

g.      Recreational Items

h.      Ongoing Therapy



The Autism Awareness Board reserves the right to approve or deny each fund request.